Skraelings Book Study



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This is a novel study consisting of twelve sessions focused on Skraelings by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley. Throughout the dynamic activities, the novel study explores the life of a young Inuit boy approximately one thousand years ago. The novel study addresses many complicated themes, including colonialism, wealth, power, and corruption, as Kannujaq unexpectedly finds himself among a Tuniit camp that has been ravaged by Vikings, or as the Tuniit refer to them, “the giants.” This novel study is focused upon the historical and cultural considerations that inform the fictional story.

Following along with the chapters of the book, learners will apply their learning in various reading, writing, and oral communication activities. Through discussion and short-answer activities, learners will address the main points of each chapter. In a series of comprehension and research activities, they will analyze the challenges and growth the characters experience and develop a deeper understanding of the history of Inuit, Tuniit, and Viking cultures and their interactions. Learners will be further encouraged to draw on their own life experiences and perspectives through journal reflections.

Learners will emerge from this unit with strengthened reading, writing, and oral communication skills, and a deeper understanding of history in the Arctic.

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