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We are an Inuit-owned publishing company, with our head office located in Iqaluit, Nunavut. To our knowledge we are the only independent publishing company located in the Canadian Arctic. Our aim is to preserve and promote the stories, knowledge and talent of Inuit and northern Canada.

Since 2006, Inhabit Media has been working to encourage Inuit and non-Inuit Arctic residents to share their stories and their knowledge, and to record the oral history of our home. One of our aims is to ensure that Arctic voices are heard and that they have the opportunity to contribute to Canadian literature. Since our inception, Inhabit Media has been working with elders and storytellers to ensure that the rich story-telling culture of the Inuit is preserved and passed on. As well, we have been working with elders, hunters, and knowledgeable residents to ensure that the rich traditional knowledge about the environment is not lost.

As well, Inhabit Media works with Inuit organizations, non-profit societies and the Government of Nunavut to ensure that the Inuit language is preserved and strengthened. Almost every book Inhabit Media publishes is also available in Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun. Our authors, storytellers and artists bring these stories and knowledge to life in a way that is accessible to readers in both the North and the South.



Inhabit Education is a Nunavut-based educational publishing company with a mandate to provide educators and parents with educational resources that are infused with authentic Northern perspectives, ways of life, and imagery. Inhabit Education’s publishing initiative always considers stories and information in an educational context. All the publications available from Inhabit Education are developed by a team of Northern educators and language experts.

Every season, Inhabit Education’s new releases include books at various reading levels and a balance between fiction and non-fiction titles. These titles incorporate concepts that students are familiar with—counting, animals, family, and legends—within a Northern context. These books are designed to support students across Canada in their reading development while providing access to materials that reflect Canada’s diversity of geography, culture, and traditions.