Joy of Apex Novel Study — Junior



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This novel study is geared toward students in Grades 5 and 6. The unit consists of nine lessons focused on Joy of Apex by Napatsi Folger. Through dynamic activities, the book study addresses common yet sensitive life events as it explores the life of Joy Magnussen, a young girl of ten growing up during a parental separation.As they participate in reading, writing, oral communication, comprehension, and reflection activities, students will become more knowledgeable on the main topics of study: Family, Growing Up, and Friendship. Through discussion and short – answer activities, students will address family dynamics and marital separation from the perspective of the characters in the book. In a series of comprehension and research activities, they will analyze the challenges and growth the characters experience, and develop a deeper understanding of friendship and the act of growing up. They will engage in a series of language activities, in which they will analyze text features and the parts of a story, and learn about parts of speech and sentence structure. Students are further encouraged to draw on their own life experiences through journal reflections.

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