Ava and the Little Folk Book Study — Senior



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This unit consists of a series of four sessions focused on Ava and the Little Folk by Neil Christopher and Alan Neal. This book study seeks to bring an understanding of the relationship between identity and community into the learning experience. Learners will participate in a variety of reading, writing, oral communication, community inclusion, field study, and artistic activities that will expand their knowledge on the following topics of study: Identity, Friendship, and Community.
Over the course of the unit, learners will interview an elder, explore their community and traditional myths and legends, take part in a series of activities on the topic of friendship, and participate in an outdoor field study that will result in the creation of a community display. They will engage in a series of language activities involving parts of speech and sentence structure to improve and strengthen their writing skills. Learners will emerge from this unit with a deeper understanding of themselves and their community.

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