A Walk on the Tundra Book Study — Senior



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This unit consists of a series of four sessions focused on A Walk on the Tundra by Rebecca Hainnu and Anna Ziegler. This book study seeks to bring the local community and the natural environment into the learning experience. As they participate in reading, writing, oral communication, community inclusion, and field study activities, learners will become more knowledgeable on the following topics of study: local plants, the environment, and their community.
Learners will perform interviews with local community members, select and host a guest speaker, and build their own class plant book after participating in an outdoor field study. They will also engage in a series of language activities on sentence structure and paragraph development, and will strengthen their writing skills. Learners will emerge from this unit as knowledgeable community members ready to apply their skills, and, hopefully, share what they have learned with the next generation.

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