The Walrus Who Escaped

Illustrated by Anthony Bernnan

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In the past, Arctic animals did not look as they do today, but they could communicate just as well as humans can! In The Walrus Who Escaped, young readers learn that walruses once had spiraled, curly tusks, not the long, straight tusks we recognize.When Raven came across Walrus expertly diving for clams, he quickly became jealous of Walrus's great clam-hunting skills. So, as Walrus was about to surface with a tasty mouthful of clams, Raven cast a spell on the ocean, freezing Walrus in place! Walrus's curly, twisting tusks became frozen in the enchanted ice. But Raven soon discovered that his magic was no match for Walrus's great physical strength. Walrus managed to escape, but his tusks would never be the same!

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